I’ve recently had manyp roblems with the LT puck and Delorme as well. Well, I guess again I have to do 2 things: This problem tends to be relatively unpredictable, though I never encountered it more than once or twice in any 24 hour period. Oct 7, Messages: I would then reboot your machine after the driver install, even if not prompted to do so. Its not like its an application file or anything that you can run and it will install the driver. Response times will vary due to fluctuations in volume and staffing.

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DeLorme Serial Emulator

I was able to download the windows 7 64 bit driver update for the BU receiver from Globalsat’s website ive tried every delorme serial emulation way i know how to install it.

This allows both legacy applications and multiple applications to access the same data stream. Here’s another tip for you. I’m fairly computer savy. Another thread that sheds quite a bit of light on this subject can be found here: The delorme serial emulation you have in Device Manager is exactly what should be there so I’m glad to see that.

I’ve recently had manyp roblems with the LT puck and Delorme as well. The serial emulator does not, it won’t install and tells me “you cannot use this with a 64 bit OS”. DeLorme has made quite clear delorme serial emulation me that they have no intention wmulation updating or continuing support of the emulator.


Delorme LT (USB) & Windows 7 (64 Bit)?

Delorme serial emulation one huge thing to check is the installation of the 64 bit driver per Franson’s instructions here: I was forced to move to another computer. I think drivers are missing, but they did not delorme serial emulation with the Street Atlas software. Now, saying that, I have not tested it out on a 64 bit system I bought two spares and keep them charged up during chase season.

I have gps gate running in the background and within just a few seconds of plugging emulatioh the gps its working without doing anything more than plugging it in! I searched extensively for a Delorme fix with 64bit OS and couldn’t find anything of use.

DeLorme Serial Emulator – Free download and software reviews – CNET

DeLorme does acknowledge the emulator delorme serial emulation is NOT in any way able to serixl on any bit operating system after Windows XP, nor will it work with any version of Windows 7.

The first thing you want to do is download the Zip file from the Globalsat website here: Save the file to the desktop. Summary Have contacted Delorme and Constilation ie.

I have emulatiom on my laptop and know that’s working. The comment about connecting your USB cable is also what I do to charge it back up later in the day delorme serial emulation it doesn’t affect your signal.


Delorme LT (USB) & Windows 7 (64 Bit)? | Stormtrack

The utility contains the following items: If so what settings do you use? Mar 22, Messages: It’s time these emulators go the way of the actual serial srial, and that delorme serial emulation developers get with the times and make their applications work with the new technology and with the capabilities most of their users want. This is what I’d do based on where you are. This is definitely a critical step and would be the first thing I’d do. No, create an account now.

This driver is not for use with delorme serial emulation 64bit version of Windows. Delorme serial emulation 2, Messages: The new computer had Win7 installed. It sounds like you are having trouble installing the correct driver on your machine, which is the first step in getting out of trouble.

I had a Globalsat BU recommended to me and it works great.

I have a new Windows 7 64 Bit notebook and just about every program I got works flawlessly even the ones that did not in the “Vista nightmare” last year. So Delorme serial emulation still really confused.